Saturday, November 21, 2009


‘Freedom Writers’ is a movie that I had watched for the first time during the class last week. The protagonist of this story is Ms.Gruwell or also known as Ms.G by the students. She is a daughter, a wife and a teacher. The story mostly took place at the classroom and the school. Ms Gruwell is a new teacher in the school, which have a racist problem among the students. Beside that, the senior teachers in that school was just ignored the students’ behaviors. They have not put an effort to change the students’ behaviors and their racist problems. They assumed that the students don’t really want to study and the students go to school just because they have been asked to do so by their family. Therefore, the senior teachers just teach the students only for the sake of teaching. However, things changed when Ms.Gruwell came and teach in the school. She has been teaching the students in the lowest grade. She has makes many improvements for the students and have slowly solved the racist problems among the students.
There are many things that can bee seen from this story on the perspectives of a teacher. One of them is an interactive classroom. In this movie, Ms.Gruwell has tried to get her students’ attention by started to have an interaction with the students. She asked some questions about the students’ life to make them participate. As we know, an interactive classroom makes a better learning environment as the teacher encourage and make the students to participate as equal partners in an ongoing discovery process. Ms. Gruwell also makes an activity in the classroom which is a game, started by the teacher asked few questions related to the students’ life. At the end of it, the activities that have been carried out facilitate learning interaction between the students. The teacher, Ms.Gruwell also has asked the students to write their own diaries, and they are free to write anything about their life. She also has asked the students to read a novel which can be related to their history life, their past life. These tasks have made the students to interact with the teachers and among them at one point of time. At the later part, Ms.Gruwell has brought her students for a trip to the museum, and has invited a few people of history to meet the students. These activities have also facilitated wider interaction for the students beyond the classroom where the students have chances to interact with the people of history.
The second thing that I can see is classroom management. Ms. Gruwell was a bit shocked when at first time she entered the classroom, which the students were all noisy, keep talking with each other in their own gang and some of them busy doing their own stuff. They were ignored the existence of the teacher in the classroom. The students were sitting within their own gang or races. They don’t mix at all and one cannot touch and talked with the other who is in the other races or gang. This situation was complicated, even when the teacher started to tell something, the students just ignored it. It was not easy for a new teacher to cope with this situation. However, Ms.Gruwell has managed to solve this problem slowly. She has a very good classroom management skill. She has changed the sitting of the students, where the most aggressive students she asked to sit in front and vice versa. Other than that, the students have not pay attention while the teacher was teaching. One situation happened where a student has drew a picture of a person and past it over around the floor and they have laughed, until the teacher realized on what was happened. The teacher has managed to control the situation where she told the student who drew the picture to make some drawings on the board because that student might have a good talent in drawings. This is how that I think a teacher should do in order to make the students feel shame on what they did.
Last but not least, the other important thing that I can see is the students’ motivation. The students have very low motivation due to their background, the history of their life. They have no motivation to success, to be a good person and even they only told their oneself to take revenge on what they have gone through in their life. The teacher has instilled a motivation to the students slowly. She has motivated the students intrinsically. She motivates the students by talks to them about the history, and emphasis on the importance of each life and also the importance of being tolerate and have a peaceful life. Ms. Gruwell has also make the students discover the history and brought them to the museum, and they found that everyone need each other no matter who they are and what race they are. The teacher also has motivates the students by make them being visited by the people of history, a person who have give an impact in their life to improve their own self. The teacher has given each of the students a book for them to read which have being bought by the teacher’s own money. The activity of food sale for fund raising also make the students motivated to work and help each other to achieve what they want. By completely changed in students’ behaviors, the teacher has made a small party in class to appreciate and celebrate for their changed. This is the extrinsic motivation that the teacher gave to the students.
Basically, this movie covered how to cope with aggressive students, who have very low motivation and thus make them being a bad student. With all the skills and knowledge that we have, as a teacher, we can manage to cope with these kinds of situations. It can be said here that, as a teacher, we must have many skills to encounter many situations that we might face and we must make ourselves prepared for that. A teacher not only teach, but must be an effective and excellent teacher, being loved by the students and being as an inspiration to the students.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Student's Life..

Being a student back after a few years..not easy!! Many of challenges I have to faced on..
As a student..of course the most part is on assignmentsssss..... we start our lesson okey..hehehe...I just want to share what i have learned...

Action research.. that is one of the subject i am still learning in my Dip in Education.. it means specific process to provide problem solving done by the practitioner.
This subject have no exam..but we have to do some presentations and assignments. Action Research is like this.. reflect on anything we did or faced or any problem accured and plan to improve it or to change it, then, after execute what have being planned to do, observation will took place...and there will be a reflection again from the observation and continuosly like that.. That is the cycle of action research.

As on the second class, the lesson i gained was.. we must always think to make ourself improve...
I can relate this in Islam.. we must always do 'Muhasabah diri'...our religion really encourage to do this, in order to improve ourself, what we have done..whether we have being a very good person in life? In my personal opinion, we should not stop to be a better person.. and i think many of of you agree with me. We will never satisfied with what we have or what we have did in life...we always want to improve ourself to be better and better...

How to apply this action research into my field as to be a teacher..??'s simple think what are the problems in our education system now..not only could be something we want to improve or problems that teachers might faced in schools.. I am still thinking on this matter..

For psychology subject, I have to do an assignment ..a research on any educational issues. It must be specific.. So,what is the problem i want to focus on ya? Think..think and think.........
I have think a few things for this assignment.. Hmm..about school stress, learning environment.. still have to think deeper and deeper..

Okay...proceed to other topiclah..out of education. Just want to share, yesterday, my friend, her friend's brother..have passed away due to dengue.. According to my friend, he was on fever about 3-4 weeks, but never see the doctor.. He stayed in Perak studying at UiTM Perak, but he stayed outcampus- non resident.. My friend was so surprised when heard that news..
unexpected. So, the moral of the story, don't take life for granted.. I personally advise all my friends, if u feel not well..hurry see the doctor. Now, deseases have been so easy spreaded..
Take care of your ownself, your family and your friends okey...

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Me and myself....

This blog was created just to share my interest and whatever about me...myself...
(this picture taken with my baby in kampung)

My past life..i have been working in Toyota Capital Malaysia Sdn bhd...about 4years time.. many of sweet and sour times i have spent there.. also, lots of experiences and knowledges i gained from there..

Now being a student back...after 6years..left a student's life.. How to start it again?????

Whatever.. i am so gratefull that i have being offered to join DPLI in UiTM Shah Alam..

Do i really want to be a teacher???..... of course!! Yesss!! ...but why??? Hmmm.....let only me knows why i want to be a teacher...okey??...

This week class have started.. First class attended was a subject of Action Research in Education... The lecturer is so simple but for me she's very cool . Action Research..a subject with full of actions..hehehehe... Actually this subject looks very simple, in fact have no exam..My lecturer said for this subject, we have to do a research... an open research about educations in Malaysia.. Whoah! Really have to think about in Malaysia.. hmm... one of it to make students feel free and safe to talk in class.. that problem happened to me during my school time.. have to think deeper and deeper....

The second class was for subject ...Philosophy & Development of Education in M'sia. The lecturer for this subject was so attractive.. at first when she entered the class, she felt hot and we told her there was a problem with the air cond, then she said never mind, she will end the class earlier, instead to finish in in 2hours as per scheduled..but after she started..she talked talked and talked..without we realized, that 2hours time have passed.. and with hot condition in that class..wahh!...she's woderful.. She talked about problems with students and teenagers nowadays.. why is it happened..and many things about our country.

And..the third class we had was at 5.10pm ..the subject was Application of Educational Psychology.. Hmmm...psycho and psychology...what is that actually.. and for that class, we learned about the history of Y(this is the symbol of psychology).. a bit heavy and have to use some imaginations..for me this subject is difficult..So?? it means that i have to be more focus on this subject..
Today, no class..and tomorow have 2 classes...for subject Technology & Innovations in Education and Tesl subject.. So, let's learn on the the next class...enjoy!!

Life as student, after being a wife and a not easy anyway.. many many things have to sacrifice.. I stay at campus on and off..if no class i will go back stay with my husband. I have 3kids..the first and second with stay with my husband and the third ..just 4mths+..stay with my mom at kampung.. I really really miss him so much! I have to take a deep breath and think of the baby, the other 2 kids, my husband and my family... and that brings motivation to me. I have to learn and graduated succesfully..with flying colours. InsyaAllah... can do it!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tupperware Campaign 5(1st July-15th August 2009)

During my childhood..i can mom so active with party Tupperware at my house.. She have lots of tupperware collections. it's my time.. i really interested with this product because of it's quality and safe to use..and it have variety of colours and shapes.
I have been a member for tupperware..and i have been using it at home. So, i just want to share with my friends and anyone..i promote u all to use tuppeware instead of other plasticwares in market.. Anyone interested to be a member can just call me...okey! I have a 'kutu program' for members...

For this latest campaign, expect some cute & cool limited release items on offer. There are a few free and fairly cheap nett price items as well. Have a look. Don’t miss out.

Rice DispenserRetail: RM288.00Free Rice Scoop
From every rice dispenser sold, RM5 will be donated to the Tupperware Children’s Fund.

Small Round SaverRetail: RM44.80Now: RM35.80

HomeBasics CollectionRetail: RM210.20Now: RM168.20Free FreezerMate Small I
Small Handi Bowl (with every purchase of HomeBasics Collection)Worth: RM36.40Now: RM9.90 nett

Legacy Floria Microwaveable Serving SetRetail: RM165.00
Giant PitcherRetail: RM64.80
Legacy Floria Bread ServerRetail: RM35.50Now: RM28.40
Legacy Cereal BowlRetail: RM34.80Now: RM29.60
Elegant RoundRetail: RM33.60Now: RM29.90

Fridge Water BottleRetail: RM39.90
Handy CoolRetail: RM59.80
Rectangular Water ContainerRetail: RM94.20Now: RM75.40

Large Square RoundRetail: RM66.90
Medium Square RoundRetail: RM68.00
Small Square RoundRetail: RM49.60
Square Round Gift SetRetail: RM169.00
FridgeSmart LargeRetail: RM157.60
Modular Keeper with GridRetail: RM86.90
Mega KeeperRetail: RM119.80Now: RM89.90

FreezerMate Essential SetRetail: RM193.00
FreezerMate Medium SetRetail: RM154.30
FreezerMate Starter SetRetail: RM105.00Now: RM84.00Free FreezerMate Junior 1 (worth RM16.20

Garlic-N-All KeeperRetail: RM59.90

Modular Mates Essential SetRetail: RM209.60
Modular Mates Rectangular SetRetail: RM143.20
Modular Mates Starter SetRetail: RM86.50

OT Topper JuniorRetail: RM29.80
OT Topper SmallRetail: RM19.80
OT Topper MediumRetail: RM23.90
OT Topper LargeRetail: RM29.80
OT Canister JuniorRetail: RM21.90
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OT Canister LargeRetail: RM39.80
Giant CanisterRetail: RM59.90Now: RM47.90

Season ServeRetail: RM49.80
Large Store N PourRetail: RM63.00
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Spice SaversRetail: RM94.80Now: RM75.80
Buy 2 sets of the above Spice SaversRetail: RM189.60Now: RM129....90
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Water DispenserRetail: RM156.80
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Sports BottleRetail: RM39.80
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Tupperware- Kutu dibuka, FREE membership

Brand yang paling lama dan paling disenagi oleh semua peringkat umur.
Kawan2 atau sesiapa yang berminat untuk memiliki koleksi Tupperware, ada free membership.
Ada 2 cara saya offer untuk free membership ni,

1. Beli RD (Rice Dispenser) RM288
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2. Beli barangan Tupperware retail worth RM340
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Jika ingin melihat katalog physical, sila beri alamat rumah dan saya akan poskan katalog (FOC) untuk kali ini.
Selepas menjadi ahli, anda akan entitle utk mana2x barangan Tupperware selepas itu, sebanyak 20%.
Untuk pendaftaran ahli, saya perlukan butir2x berikut:-

nama penuh
alamat tetap (untuk penghantaran starter kit/majalah bulanan)
no ic
no telefon (hp/rumah/pejabat/fax) - jika berkenaan
tarikh lahir

nama suami
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tarikh lahir suami
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Penghantaran untuk semua barangan adalah melalui kourier.Kos penghantaran bermula dari RM5 bergantung pada saiz dan berat barangan.
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TUPPERWARE...nice to have it,easy to get it..